Hello World

Welcome to my personal blog. This isn’t my first experiment with blogging. In fact, you can read some of my attempts over the past few years here, here, and here. This is, however, my first attempt to start blogging on a regular basis, ideally almost every day. I have a habit of obsessing over my writing, editing and editing until I think it’s worthwhile to post. With this blog, I’m aiming to get short, regular ideas out quickly. If you think an idea or observation is worth developing further, then let me know and I’ll try to turn it into something more rigorous.

I’ve thought a lot about the audience for this blog. If you’re a hardcore startup junkie, then you’ll no doubt find a lot of what I write about to be pretty basic. I spend a lot of time travelling and talking with startups though and I find that a lot of smart people use a lot of buzz words without actually understanding what they mean. A lot of what I write about will be most interesting and relevant to people interested in the intersection of startups and the big problems facing our world. Anyway… here goes.

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